When you chose Alert fire products for your premises, you chose the best in fire safety

Alert fire AMC

Alert Fire Services team is a group of skilled, trained engineers & technicians who undertake a Monthly or Quarterly Service Schedule for AMC customers to ensure that every FireSafety device in the client’s premises is always working optimally.

We undertake AMC of this Equipment’s :
• Fire Extinguishers
• Fire Suppression System
• Fire Hydrants
• Fire Pump house
• Fire Alarm and Detection System

1. All type Fire Extinguishers
2. FM 200 system
3. All Clean Agent
4. Foam System
5. Powder System

When do you need a Alert Fire authorised refill?

A Fire extinguisher is a passive product that needs to stay in a ready state at every point of time. Because a fire though unlikely, can happen at any time. There is ZERO margin for non performance, no second chance when the extinguisher is required to fight fire. When your fire extinguisher has been used, even partially, you need to go for an Alert fire refill.

Alert Fire Fire Extinguisher Refilling Process…

Every Fire Extinguisher that comes to us for a refill undergoes the following standard process


The Fire Extinguisher is manually discharged / fired and emptied.
The extinguisher is then dismantled completely; cylinder is de-stressed.
The cylinder then is made to undergo a Hydro Static Pressure Test at 30kgf cm sq. for 2 minutes to check for leaks and the burst capacity.
New extinguishing agent (powder, gas, water orfoam) is filled in the cylinder through a vacuum based process that fills the cylinder with exact quantity of extinguishing agent.
New Discharge fitment mechanism including all new rubber seals, O rings and Spindle Washer and cheeked hose pipe (EPDM with 30 kg burst capacity) are attached.
Fire extinguisher is charged (pressurized) with pure nitrogen.
The Fire Extinguisher is then made to go through Leak tests. The first is an inverted beaker test in water. The result of the process is that you have a Refilled Fire Extinguisher which is as good as new.


Our Fire Safety Awareness Training program is our most popular training program and is aimed at all employees. We present training modules which are formulated for office, hotel , Industries and retail premises and are structured to ensure the employer complies with their responsibilities.


“Fire is very Good servant but very bad master.”

If Fire is not controlled within the first three minutes it turns out into a blaze and cause destruction Life and Property or lost.Property can be built back but life cant.Hence to save valuable human life one should know the basics of Fire Safety.


1. History of fire accidents involving loss human life.
2. Motivation towards Life and Property saving during fire accidents
3. Building up awareness on quality made safety systems installed in properties, basic maintenance concepts & knowledge on how to use them.
4. Understanding Fire chemistry & prevention methods.
5. extinguishing methods and spread of fire.
6. Fire Classifications.
7. Construction,Mechanism and operation of various fire extinguishers as per latest guidelines.
8. Hands On Experiences of operating fire extinguishers on live fire.


2 to 4 Hours.


40 to 50 Will be the optimum size.


Across all levels of Employees, Security, Maintenance, Fire Guards.


1. Training hall with seating arrangement.
2. LCD Projector with Screen and microphone.
3. Fire Extinguishers for demonstration.
4. Fuel (Petrol and Diesel) for creating live Fire.
5. Outdoor Space for practical operation.