Clean Agent ( FM-200, NOVEC, INERGEN Gases) Suppression System

Many fire systems can cause major damage to – and even destroy – the very things they are supposed to protect. You're looking to avoid damage – not cause it. You're looking to reduce downtime – not lengthen it. You want a fire suppression system that deploys quickly and cleanly and won't leave behind oily residue, particulate, or water. FM-200 fire suppressant stops fires fast. When you consider the potentially devastating environmental effects of an uncontrolled fire, it's easy to see that an FM-200 system is an important part of an environmentally responsible fire suppression solution.

We are well known as a installation of clean agent fire extinguishing systems.

Features :

• Fast - FM-200 systems reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, stopping ordinary combustible, electrical, and flammable liquid fires before they cause significant damage.
• Environmentally Friendly FM-200 fire suppressant can be safely used where people are present.
• Non-damaging – FM200 does not cause spoilage, requires no clean up and leaves no residue.
• Non-conductive – FM200 is electrically non-conductive, allowing use for a wide variety of special applications.
• Adaptive – FM200 is effective on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials.
• These are suitable to use in occupied spaces and are suitable for class A, B & C fires. In applications where space is at a premium, FM-200 fire suppression systems are the superior choice.

Co2 Suppression System

Features :

• We offer an assortment of CO2 fire suppression system that are highly appreciated for their qualitative features.

• CO2 at atmospheric pressure is a colorless, odorless and electrically Non Conductive inert gas. It has high expansion ratio which facilities rapid discharge and allows three dimensional quick penetration in the entire hazard area.

• Made from premium quality components, this system's importance lies in the fact that it has high efficiency to extinguish fire by reducing the oxygen content of the protected area below the point where it can support combustion.

• It provides a blanket of heavy gas that reduces the oxygen content of the atmosphere to a point where combustion is not sustainable.

• It provides its own pressure for discharging through Valves, Pipework and Nozzles.

Dry Powder Suppression System

Skid Mounted Fixed DCP System consisting of DCP Vessel, Monitor, Hose reel, Pneumatic operated select Valves, Nitrogen cylinder, Ball valves, Regulators, safety valves and Control Box with N2 Pilot cylinders and interconnecting hoses.

Features :

• Dry Chemical Powder is one of the most powerful fire fighting agents for extinguishment of class B & C fires.

• Ships carrying Liquefied gas and certain chemicals in bulk shall be equipped with fix dry powder system.

• A pilot valve opens the main discharge valve and the dry powder flows through the distribution manifold to the monitor or hand hose line in question.

• The pressure during discharge is kept constant by means of a reduction valve placed upstream of the dry powder unit.

• Release of the system may be remotely operated from the release boxes utilising a nitrogen pilot cylinder or alternatively manually operated at the dry powder unit.

• The propellant gas system is designed to contain sufficient nitrogen to maintain the pressure during release as well as to clean the pipes and hand hose lines after discharge.

Foam Suppression / Flooding System

Pump injection type Skid mounted Foam generator consisting of Foam pump, Ratio controller, NRV, Auto by pass valve, Strainer, Ball valves, Flushing connections, Control Panel, Water foam monitor, Hose reels, Foam tank with gauge glass.

Kitchen Suppression System

With the aim to protect modern kitchens from such risks . We have develop synergy kitchen fire extinguishers system which targets all the necessary areas of fire fighting.

Operation :

• Detection of Fire: Heat Sensors detect the fire.

• Announcement of Fire: Alarm is automatically turned on.

• Starvation of Fire: Energy Supply sources are automatically turned off.

• Fire Fighting: The fire extinguishing agent is discharged in to the duct and onto the cooking appliances, which mixes with the hot grease to form foam which temporally seals combustible vapours.

• Cooling the Area: Water starts spraying after discharge of agent which cools the area, thus helps to prevent re-ignition.

Key Features :

• Environment Friendly Agent.

• Proven Design.

• High Effective and Reliable.

• Aesthetically Appealing.

• Minimal maintenance.

• Five-year limited warranty.

Alert Fire Tubing System

Fire DeTec is an automatic self activation fire extinguisher, which puts out fires, where they start, by means of a flexible fire detection and delivery tube.

The extinguishing system may be used as stand alone devices, or can be fully integrated with an alarm system and features like shutting of power/fuel supply to the protected equipment can also be incorporated. These features offer early warning of activation and greatly reduce the risk of re-ignition and avoids unnecessary damage.